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Underground Water Tanks

Above ground water storage tanks have been used in rural Australia for years and years. These water storage systems come in either concrete or polyethylene (plastic), and they are more commonly installed when outdoor space is an issue. It is only recently that underground water tanks have risen in popularity amongst Australians. Underground tanks have risen in popularity with urban homes in particular due to the lack of space in urban cities and homes.

The Uses of an Underground Water Tank

Conserving the amount of water we consume is essential to helping our environment and to prevent the risk of droughts in our local communities. But what if you have no room to be able to install a water tank on your property? Simple, you go under it!

Underground water tanks can be used for a variety of day to day tasks such as:

  • Watering the garden
  • Hosing down the car
  • Cleaning the drive way
  • Cleaning around the home
  • Washing the dishes
  • Flushing the toilet

Why should I install an Underground Water Tank?

As urban homes tend to have less space than rural properties, with the underground tank you can tackle this problem effectively and start enjoying the many benefits from using a water storage tank. Unlike any other water tanks, the underground water tank comes with its own filter system so it requires no special attention to clean. The tanks also come with secure locks so that children cannot interfere with the tanks. They are made from polyethylene or concrete so they can stand the test underground.

The Benefits of Underground Water Tanks

Underground tanks are becoming popular in many homes now, and with the recent introduction of compulsory water storage laws, water tanks are going to be a major part of the building of any new homes in Australia.

Some of the many benefits of installing an underground tank include:

  • They provide a perfect water storage solution for small urban homes with space being no issue at all.
  • The concrete/polyethylene construction means the tanks are durable and highly compact tested. Their seamless construction also means there is very little chance of leakage or intrusion. They are also very secure and cannot be tampered with by children.
  • The inbuilt filters allow for unassisted cleaning. When the first batch of rainwater enters the tank, any dust, particles, or compounds picked up from the roof are removed, allowing only clean water through to the main part of the tank.
  • With the clever design of these tanks, the addition of more tanks is possible. If you have underestimated your water consumption, it is not a problem, as more water tanks can easily be attached.

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What to do now?

Here at call the plumber we provide a full water tank service. We can supply, deliver, install, repair, and service your water tanks. We have a vast array of underground water tanks available, the sizes range from 3000L to 25000L. You can either buy concrete underground tanks or poly underground tanks. The sizes, colours, and shapes vary a great deal. If you would like to discuss your underground storage tank options with our rainwater harvesting experts, you can now if you call 1800 65 92 30, our dedicated team are available 24 hours a day.

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